Welcome to Board Advice. Here you will find some basic yet informative information on surfboard design, manufacturing and production. This information should assist in helping you make an informed decision about your next board purchase. Our aim is to provide this information as an online resource to help first timers get a good grasp on the more intricate details relating to surfboard design and construction whilst also offering helpful advice, tips and tricks to improve your surfing proficiency out in the water.


Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit surfers of all skill levels. For help choosing the right board for you, have a look at the Board Types section for a detailed breakdown on the types of surfboards that are available. This section will help provide recommendations depending on your skill level and the boards intended use.


Fin configuration plays an important part in a surfboards performance. Selecting the right fin setup according to your weight, skill level and surfing style will ensure you get the most out of your board purchase. For a detailed breakdown on surfboard fin design, placement and options have a look at the Board Fin section for a detailed overview.


Surfboard construction varies greatly between board shapes and models. Find out more about surfboard and stand up paddle board construction and shape including specifics on concave, tail and rail shape. You will find some great information in the Board Anatomy section of Board Advice.


Every surfboard starts with a foam core, but what type of foam is in your board and how do you care for it? Find out more about the types of foam that is used within the surfboard industry, how to care for it and the pros and cons of each foam type used in the modern surfboard.